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We explore the different types of apps designed for tracking. A hurricane tracker app is designed to give you information on hurricanes. It accomplishes this by providing information through live forecasts, interactive maps, and video feedback. The app lets you see how a hurricane is forming in real time, providing the same level detail like a weather forecast report, only geared to your location. Some of the tracker apps provide additional information related to hurricanes, like evacuation shelters, and emergency numbers.

If you are living in an area that has been hit by hurricanes in the past, then a tracker app is crucial. Apps for tracking hurricanes let you monitor the weather, letting you take preemptive action to protect your loved ones.

Hurricane Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

You are not dependent on news weather forecast, so you can still keep track of hurricane formations even if you do not follow the news. Apps for tracking hurricanes give you information on local evacuation zones, and shelters places that you may not know about. A single hurricane tracker application from a smart phone empowers you to protect your loved ones. You have the capacity to take pre-emptive action to keep your loved ones and property safe.

Before you get confused, have a look at our thoughtfully curated list to know the best Hurricanes Tracker App for you. Hurricane Tracker is widely regarded as one of the top hurricane tracker apps because it provides vast amounts of information. Hurricane Tracker offers threat level maps, push alerts, and forecast updates.

There are even checklists to help you protect your loved ones properly. The information provided comes from the National Hurricane Center, so you can be confident that the information is accurate. However, where Hurricane Tracker truly wins is on the maps.

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You can choose between four types of maps:. Despite the large volume of information, it is presented in a simple and digestible manner through its accessible interface. Reading the information quickly will not be an issue. Compatibility: Works on both iOS and Android devices.

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Hurricane from the American Red Cross is a top of the line tracker app to give you information on hurricanes. The app is a little different from the Hurricane Tracker. It does not give many meteorological data but puts more focus on informing you on when a hurricane is coming. The American Red Cross app lets you monitor different areas, where you loved ones might be living in. There are other features of the app:. Price: Free. The Hurricane Hound is an app provides you information on hurricanes from different sources.

You can find public discussions, satellite imagery, and forecasts. There are two different versions to choose from, a free version and premium version. It should be noted that the developers put more focus on the paid version rather than the free version.

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Compatibility: Works with Android devices. Price: Works with Android devices.

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Hurricane HD is an excellent hurricane tracker app providing an extensive profile of hurricanes. The app provides wind direction, storm speed, and direction on any hurricane. The app offers information on different geographical locations around the world. The app offers the most important bit of information: Determine how far away they are using iOS location service.

What is a Hurricane Tracker App?

Storm Radar offers the latest information and developments on a hurricane. The tracking app gives you a full-screen app to interact with, along with real-time alerts and storm cell tracking. You can see high-quality images of the hurricane developing and stay one step ahead. The app gives you regular forecasts on a daily or hourly basis, making it easy to stay up to date. It has it all—or almost all. I might need a different app for winter weather season.

The app does give continental US and regional stills from Tropical Tidbits: wind, barometric pressure lines, and other nifty weather nerd graphics. I do get what I wanted, after all: current severe and life-threatening tornado warnings and watches with radar progression images.

The ads aren't obnoxious and the functionality of the this app beats out everything else I've tried by leaps and bounds. I have a couple of their other lightning and moon phase apps which was what lead me to try it. I haven't needed support for any of their apps since install, no bugs that I've noticed. I'll probably upgrade to the"Pro" version of this app for the other features. Tropical storm watch and hurricane watch. There only needs to be one alert for both, unless it extends or updates then send another one. Plus 17 alerts for Hurricane watch at There only needs to be one alert for each.

pubcaucoti.tk But its happened in the past for flood advisors and never stops. It just never stops. My significant apologies for this. Story highlights Isaac appears to weaken, but hurricane tracking still important Apps for tablets and smartphones let coastal residents keep tabs Both Android and Apples iOS have multiple options The Red Cross hurricane app is free and lets you track local conditions.

Before the next hurricane: Storm trackers and other survival tools for mobile and desktop users

For those of us who live inland, hurricane-tracking seems more a curious indulgence, but if you live along the coastal regions in a hurricane zone, keeping tabs on these atmospheric leviathans is paramount. It also employs my favorite interface, giving you four simple categories at launch — hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions and invests — to drill on, with a "quick headlines" blurb and "current systems" maps when you scroll down the page.

The number of maps including animated and images crammed into this app — EZ Apps claims over 65 — is worth the price of admission alone.