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Had a really close group of friends who would always prank each other. One of my mates found out the Facebook password of another, so while on Skype the whole call - included myself, logged into his Facebook account being 7 people to make a stupid status.

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At the same time my partner of 5 years was messaging him on Facebook about how good sex was last night and about meeting up again. College girlfriend and we lived together for a year after I realized she would always have her phone on silent or just plain ignore calls from "Jennifer. It ends up being her other boyfriend who she had never broken up with before she came to college.

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Neither of us knew about each other and she had being visiting him when she went home to see her parents on some weekends and breaks. Broke up soon after and her mom said that sometimes you just have to accept things and how I owed her an apology for breaking up with her.

It gets worse but that was the gist. Walked in on my girlfriend while she was having sex with another guy. I ended up not working today and wanted to surprise you. Mt St Augustine erupted in Alaska in They had to evacuate all planes out of Elmendorf AFB due to ash in the air.

These are some of the most shocking cheating revenge stories…

This sent my unit home from Korea 3 days early. I got home at 2 AM and there was a guy sleeping next to my wife in our bed. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What is your "accidently caught your spouse" cheating horror story? View discussions in 2 other communities. Continue this thread. Why are people so shitty? Sorry man. What happened next in the call? How does it get worse? They were simple notes laden with excerpts from poems and declarations about her beauty. If she kept the letters a secret, I decided, I might be able to confess without fear of exposure.

But she didn't. She told Kelly, and Kelly told me: Emma had a secret admirer.

No one could figure out who it was. I stopped sending the emails immediately. Then, in the spring of , I found a legitimate reason to contact Emma, who had by this time moved with her husband to another town. I had a question about a book I was reviewing, and it was on a subject I knew she'd studied extensively.

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Soon I managed to turn that single question into an ongoing correspondence. On the surface it seemed innocent, but eventually Emma asked, "I guess I wonder why we're writing like this. Our messages became longer and more philosophical. One day Emma wrote, "Can I ask you an odd question?


The Reasons Why Married Women Cheat on Their Husbands

She wrote: "This may sound stupid, but I never discovered who sent them. Thing is, a phrasing in one of your recent emails was almost exactly the same as in one of the anonymous ones. Was it you who sent them? Emma was stunned. She asked if the admirer emails were a joke. She couldn't believe I'd sent them; she'd really bought my I-can't-stand-you act.

I countered by cataloging every time we'd seen each other, what she'd worn, what we'd spoken about. I told her I didn't know why but since the day we'd been introduced, I hadn't been able to stop thinking about her. Emma confessed how moved she was, and how surprised she was by her own reaction.

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After a few days of increasingly fervent exchanges, she hit me again: "Can I see you? Kelly was going out of town for a week — a week when Emma was coming to town to work at the university. The prospect of physical infidelity suddenly became very real. A part of me, albeit a tiny part, hoped that seeing Emma would ruin everything, that if we so much as kissed it'd be terrible. I should have asked myself "What am I doing? I'd convinced myself that this had nothing to do with Kelly. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but at the time it made sense.

The Cheating Spouse Story

When Emma arrived, we laughed and embraced awkwardly. She pushed into me with such force that I had to brace myself. The chemistry was unimaginable. I could smell the sweetness of her skin and hair, feel the wetness of her breath against my neck and the warmth of her breasts against my chest. She and I had barely even touched before. And now here she was, pressing the length of her beautiful, trembling body against mine.

And for a moment that silent embrace was enough. She stayed into the middle of the night; our ease with each other was profound and immediate. On Monday, Emma asked if she could see me Tuesday. We spent the entire day talking.

Real Life Stories from “The Other Woman”

She rang my bell early Wednesday morning, less than six hours after she'd left. I was overjoyed. By the end of that night it was clear we'd spend every minute possible together. We finally made love on Friday, and spent the last two days in constant fervor. Being with Emma was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. My attraction to her was absolute, and I realized that my desire for her was inexhaustible. To this point I had convinced myself that the only reason I'd been able to cheat so easily was that Kelly was out of town. It felt as though Emma and I had created another reality, where only she and I existed.

The infidelity, as long as it lasted, would be a physical extension of that. Nothing more. The day Emma left town, I spent a few hours feeling miserable and then readied myself for reimmersion into "real" life.

11 of the most shocking cheating revenge stories EVER! - Woman Magazine

The cheating was over, or so I believed. But I was wrong: The real cheating was about to begin. Within a week Emma emailed that she was coming to spend the summer in my city. This meant she and I could spend more time together. It also meant that my betrayal was about to take on a whole new dimension: the sneaking-around dimension.

Emma and I tried to see each other every day. I spent hours planning when and how we could meet. Though it sounds crazy, there simply wasn't time to consider the consequences of what we were doing. When I was with Kelly, I thought about Kelly. When I was with Emma, I thought about Emma. When we were all together, I thought about something else: baseball, the novel I should have been working on.